Moving Averages Forex Trading

Moving Averages Forex Trading

Moving averages forex trading, and they are arguably the most popular indicators that are used.  Moving averages are used in unison with candle sticks as a means of identifying trends. If you know the direction in which the market is going, you stand a better chance of profiting.

The reason why moving averages are one of the best ways to start forex trading is because they generate very few false signals once they are used correction.  LTG GoldRock reviews the latest in moving averages, which can be used in stand-alone systems.  Because there are so many methods around, it is quite simple for one to get lost trying to determine which system works best.

One of the best methods of trading is to first master the basics, and then duplicate them as you refine your system and repeat the process to grow your account. LTG GoldRock educational training offers many educational tools that help you in trading forex.

So, Why Should You Use Moving Averages?

Moving averages fall under the banner of technical analysis. One of the first things to master is to learn how a chart works.  Once you have familiarized yourself with this, you are well on your way to understanding other important concepts of trading.

Moving averages are plotted on simple forex candle stick charts that aid in the identification of trends. As the market moves in a particular direction, you can choose an entry or an exit point. Using moving averages allows you to filter out the noise that is created in the market, so you can choose the most profitable trades. With LTG GoldRock educational training and LTG GoldRock Review, you will be better able to determine what is profitable trading.

One increases their account value when they know the correct times to enter or exit a trade. This is done by using simple averages.

What are the Different Types of Forex Moving Average Indicators?

Two of the best forex indicators are the SMA or simple moving average and the EMA exponential moving average. The broker program that you use is designed to work out the parameters for these averages. What is important is that you understand the key difference between both moving averages.


As difficult as it may sound to understand you will eventually come to realize the simplicity of how these moving averages work. Most traders have a time period in which they prefer to work with these can range from hourly charts to that of several days. If you love using an hourly chart a simply moving average operates this way you need to plot an 8 point chart, what you do is collect the closing points for the last 8 bars this would represent one bar for each hour add the values and then divide them by eight, that will provide you with the average price over an 8 hour period.


The exponential moving average is a variation of the SMA. The simple moving average gives each point in price the same weight. So, this means if you are using an 8 period SMA the average would assume that the first price and the eight price are just as important.

A Currency trader will often give extra weight to more recent price move as they are concerned with real time trading. Using the similar example as the one above the eighth point in price is much more important than the first point in price.  This allows the exponential moving average to be more responsive to changes in currency price. The disadvantage is that there are many false alarms.

Using moving averages to trade forex is one of the best ways of developing a profitable trading system once they are put in place. With a little as 15 minutes per day time can be spent putting averages in place to decide whether it is a profitable day for trading.  LTG GoldRock educational training offers demo trading this allows you to experience real market conditions without having to risk real money.